One Morning in MMU - 3.00 am

First and for most, congratulation to Aqil + Kamal - newly wed. couple + get married last saturday...I'm so happy coz I met Dot, Shida & Pippo! How I wish to get marry soonnn...Tapi mase depan gelap gulite, thus I cannot have a say about it...Wait till the day comes...(Erk, rasa nak tercekik jap!)

To Anis & family, selamat menunaikan haji, semoge slamat sejahtera semuanya...I guess Pechal will be safe with Hairie...(Kottt!!) Doakan gefren2 mu ini dapek grad dengan jaye-nyaa!! Or cepat2 kan la jodoh kami especially Amy!! Hiksss...Coz Amy is the first in list (Huuu, yet I'm the last...What so different then?)

Huhuhuhu....I'm so lazy & SO SO LAZY to study. Midterm for Corporate Accounting II and Management Consultancy fall on the same day; Monday 19 December 2005! Dead meat me!! Where should I start first? What to study? Besides, I am totally lost in CA II - don't know what the hell is Mr. Adam teaching in class...(Lembab!!) With the long awaited FRS list, help meee!!


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