Stay up till late last night...I went to bed at 4.45 am...Study gilak la kunun2nyer and plus, to complete the Advance A.I.S assignment...I made up my own system flowchart which I think doesn't make sense at all (input, storage, process, output seem to move in a wrong direction...Sighhh) and did some printing as well. Too bad, the answers for the quiz today are:

Cracking DataDiddling DataLeakage Denial-of-Service Eavesdropping

Hacking LogicBomb Masquerading PasswordCracking Piggybacking

RoundDown Salami Scavenging SocialEngineering Spamming

Spoofing Superzapping Trap Door Trojan Horse Virus

WarDialing Worm

(Ngeee,,,gue bukan student computer engineering....!) I guess, only Epsilon students were walking around the class, searching for answers and discussing with each other...Not excluding Wan Yazlini Marlina Wan Yahya yang kantoi terang-terangan membuke buku text di hadapan lecturer nya...Aih laaaa (Junior baik2 aja...)

Ngeee...Shila's Day Out...Went to Midvalley with Amy & Fifa (as if celebrating the end of final examination when the fact is, I haven't prepare anything at all for the upcoming exam!) I have to make myself out from here, thus decided to follow both of them and with full of intention to skip my Corporate Accounting II class tonite...Hhihihihihi~~ I can't sit here any longer and cramping my head for God knows why...They did some shopping (Amy with her Miss Selfridge!) and putting on some clothes (Fifa wanted to dress up beautifully during the countdown though it will only be in her room...!) Too bad, TopShop pants doesn't fit Amy at all and yet it has nothing to do with Amy's waist or hip (Senteng gilerr dooohhh!!)

Since I don't have any plan for shopping, I made myself lepak at MPH Bookstore while waiting for them to continue with their shopping marathon...! I've found the "Tuesdays with Morrie" and by the time I wanted to pay, the cashier said, "Adik, buku nih tak letak price tag lagi...Belum scan and tah whatever la she said...Boleh tengok dekat kaunter jer dulu..." Demmit! I was so excited back then tapi tak dapek memilikinya...So I end up reading it there in MPH (while waiting for Amy & Fifa kan...) and managed to read it until The Third Tuesday jer - We Talk About Regrets...Still, I bought another new book, "The Jane Austen Book Club" and to Dillot, gue minta ampun dan mahap sebab tak dapat menahan diri dari membeli buku lagik (which definitely makes me not studying for the final + reducing kuase genius even below par! ) Huhuhuhuhu~~~

What song are you listening to?
«« Anna Nalick - Breathe (The only song on my "now playing list" )

What are you waiting for?
«« My SoulSaver... (Adekah such thing?) »»

Do you like sports?
«« 101% !! (GFCs, bilekah kita akan ber'futsal' lagik??) »»

Chocolate or vanilla?
«« Neither...I prefer caramel most... (",) »»

Lord of the rings or harry potter?
«« Harry Potter (Better with my own imagination then..Hihihi ) »»

What would you say if someone tells u that u are stupid?
«« I always feel that way or may be I could say, "Don't Under Estimate The Knowledge of Stupid People" (Stupid with CPA? Ngeee~~) »»

Where would you like to go for your honeymoon?
«« Umrah (Doakan segalanya bermula dengan baik, murah rezeki & bahagia selaluuu =p ) & City of Alhambra, Granada, Spain Smile »»

If you could turn back time and change things, what would you change?
«« Bygones will always be bygones (Sighhhh...Sad) »»

Do you like your cousins?
«« L.O.V.E them to the infinity! »»

What type of person are you looking for?
«« Someone who accepts me as his 99% perfect girl (bearing in mind of me with disordered mind + NOT sweet) NgehNgehNgeh »»

How would you feel if someone broke up with u?
«« Well it aint nice that's forsure...Things happened for reasons... »»

Oldies or punk rock?
«« Oldies for sure »»

Do you plan to cheat on your boyfren?
«« Never before....& Never for the forseeable future...(Kihkihkih!! ) »»

Do you think that chad michael murray is as cute as everyone says?
«« He's fine »»

Alicia Keys or Kelly Clarkson?
«« J.Lo (Bleh??) »»

If u can travel alone for free, would u go alone?
«« With my pleasure...I've been dreaming for that since forever... »»

How do you feel right now?
«« I don't have any feelings (Everything in a big mess) cry »»

How many crushes have you had in the past three years?
«« 1 »»

Are you missing anyone right now?
«« Wink!! Wink!! »»

Whats ure fav subject in school?
«« MICPA Module D - Advanced Financial Reporting with all those FRSs as well (Demmit!) »»

Whose the one person that can really understand you?
«« Is there any human being out there that can really understand me? (I can't even understand myself) »»

Where do you usually hang out wif your frens?
«« Anywhere will do... (Walaupun hanyalah tepi longkang... ;p ) »»

Have you ever rejected anyone?
«« Lots! Wink (Nothing fancy me more than a guy who smarter than me..Hihihi) »»

Have you ever had a crush on your neighbour?
«« Zamri & Ahmad Shah?? Tak mungkin gue! (Our friendship since childhood will remains as it is...Tongue) »»

At what age do you see yourself getting married?
«« I can't figure out that now... (I wonder whos my Mr. Significant Other Half?) »»

Are you in love wif anyone right now?
«« Eeewww...With whom anyway?? Wink »»

If you can do whatever you want right at this moment, what would it be?
«« Meditation + Have my very own quality time at Kinokuniya yang dibuke hanya untuk Shila (Totally prohibited for others to join me,,, Shades ) »»

What annoys you the most?
«« Me, Myself & Shila »»

10 - 20 years from now, what do you see yourself?
«« Married-Kids (Working/Stay-at-home-mom, I'm not sure yet about these...Hihihihi) »»

State some of your unlucky days/dates.
«« Maybe some recent dates since last week... »»

Last movie you've seen?
«« Salon (To the certain extend, it's so me... =p ) »»

Do you like it?
«« Pretty much! (Especially the 99% thingy! Hehehee) »»

Do you have any pets at home?
«« Nope (I'm allergic to animal's fur) »»

What do you hate most?
«« Backstabber »»

How was yesterday?
«« Plain & Empty »»

Do you like yourself?
«« Sometimes...Not then when I goes gilak! Tongue »»

Do you like your school?
«« MRSM Jasin gue yang terchenta...!! »»

Last words?
«« Selamat Malam...and hope to get well, feel better and get through everything tomorrow and my upcoming days... (Continue reading novel until I fall asleep...) »»


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