One Calm Saturday...

We went for a movie as well yesterday - Cheaper By The Dozen II...With Hillary Duff yang tersangat kurus nyer as compared to her another movie, "The Perfect Man" (little bit chubby then..) and plus, Carmen Electra yang sangat lah cantiknya...SmileIf I'm not mistaken, Dillot pun went out for a movie with Naza (The Constant Gardener) tapi kan Dillot, I just saw the movie torrent on Meta Tracker this morning...!Tongue You should have seen some other movie then...Hhihihihi...Owhhh, together on the 'now showing' list is Pride & Prejudice....Wahhh!! Gue mau nonton jugak!! (But with whom?? Adeihla...) With Keira Knightley as the heroin, uuhhh~~I hope that I will have time for that & someone to accompany me as well...Hihihihi (Someone that really want to watch it on screen sebab masa The Phantom of The Opera, haih..people started to leave their seats when the movie had just started about 20 minutes ago...)


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