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Finally, I'm done with this report writing and it takes me 24/7 to complete on it. Zuren said, "Shila, ko tak abes lagik type benda alah nih?" Daaa, how am I going to sleep when my brain keep thinking about completing this report? What so significant about my practical training for me to crap and it's a minimum 75 pages report writing ok? So so stupid requirement given by FOM. They already have my daily logbook, the misspelled of "BACHOLOR of Accounting", hampeh! Went back at 2 o'clock in the morning, being the no life stupid auditor, companies like sampah sarap, stressful working environment, trip to Bangkok, paintball, what else?? I wish I could end up being a full time housewife instead of auditor…Huhuhu…But anyway, I'm so proud with my report, the effort that I put in + originality of it…With the hardcover presentation, rasa cam buat thesis pulok!

First and for most, thank to Allah Almighty for his guidance in achieving my goal without any particular major difficulty.

Next, I would like to thank Miss Esther Yap; Partner of Esther Yap & Co., for her continuous faith, guidance and technical advice throughout my practical training. To Mr. Bernard Tan; the Principal of Esther Yap & Co., thank you for the encouragement and comment that was extraordinarily helpful to me.

My special acknowledgement goes to Miss Aliza Akmar Binti Omar; my supervisor, who provides me with valuable materials, attentions and supports during my practical training days. I am most grateful for her counsel, authoritative advice and friendly encouragement towards completing this report.

I would like to express my gratitude to the reviewer; Mr. Abdul Rahim Bin Abdul Hamid, which gives me detailed and constructive review over the report. To all these dedicated professionals, I extend my personal thank you for their most valuable contributions.

Not to be forgotten, thank you to my colleagues who have directly and indirectly been involved in the progress of my practical training and my report writing. Special thanks to my classmates, gedikz2 sekalian and a few friends from MRSM Jasin, for their generous input, assistance and observation for my report writing.

Finally, I deeply appreciate the patience, understanding and love given by my parent, siblings and Kown. I am indebt to them for the utmost blessing and prayers for my success throughout my studies in Multimedia University. Almost the exact words that I put in my report.

Addition: Thanks + thanks + thanks to my roommates (get to know them a few weeks ago), for being so concerned to me masa my PC goes cacat! Bersungguh dia orang carikan orang nak repairkan PC ku yang cacat + hard disk crash + file corrupted + ntah apa2 lagik…And that "orang" is Lola; thanks for being so efficient in repairing my PC + F.O.C lagi… =P If not, I will surely die coz I only left with another 5 days before the dateline…Jasa kamu orang semua amat di kenang….Sobsobsobsob. Terharu sat!


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