Boring to death!

Well, it has been a while since my last entry and I'm too busy to start with a new one at the moment..But anyway, the fact that I'm sooo damn bosan lagik sangap to death at this hour, might as well I do some crapping over here, hehehe...This is basically the summary of things that I did during my last holidays, wheeee~~

1. We (Girlfriends & Me) went for a trip to JB and the purpose was to visit Lala. She was not here in MMU during the 2nd trimester, so we made up a plan to give a visit, so called rombongan Cik Kiah, hehehe...Visited all most all shopping malls available in JB including the new one which I don't remember the name, Tebrau City something like that..Not to be forgotten, a lunch at Danga Bay and we went back to KL by train! It was really fun then...A ride on Kembara with 6 people inside it all the way for that 4 days and some "red" incident had happened to me as well, huhuhu...Very secret and confidential, huhuhu....

2. Wheeee!! I did one crazy thing during my holidays, which I never did in my life before!! NEVER! Still don't know what the reason that drive me to that but well, I did it and it was fun, hehehe... (Apekah pekerjaan itu, jangan lah di tanye...Hihihi) And someone said to me, "Moral of the story, if you like a person, belanja la dia aiskrim!" Hehehe...Weuweuweuweu, is anyone want to treat me Pralines Caramel with Almond - Baskin Robbins?

3. A hang out with Muna & Yatie, good friends since my Jasin's days...Dinner & gossiping! A normal things for us when we get together, hehehe...Muna with her stocks of abang angkat and Yatie with her long list guys yang nak isi borang, she's taken anyway! And me with my cerita panas lagi terbaru dan sensasi which made them, "WHATT??? Ko biar betul Shila?? Have u gone crazy kah??" Hehehehe

4. Shopping spreeee!! With mama and me on my own as well...Owh, and menempah dress for prom nite juge! =P Though I suppose to find a date first before deciding what to wear and especially the color part, it couldn't stop me from making my dress first...The date thingy isn't bothering me much anyway hehehe...Gonna think about it later, when the time is yet to come, hihihi...

5. Reading - Reading - Reading!! Kitchen God's Wife & 100 Secret Senses, The Growing Pain of Adrian Mole, Adrian Mole The Cappucino Years, Tamarind Woman, Falling Leaves & Pride & Prejudice...For the above mentioned books, I like 100 Secret Senses most. The "Libby-ah" stuff is hillarious and I'm now looking forward to buy Opposite Fate & Bonesetter's Daughter, both from Amy Tan too...

6. Gave my helping hands to prepare for Abg. Din's engagement (cousin on my dad's side) Especially the ribbon and decoration parts, hehe, I'm just good at it and sometimes I do think that I should just end up opening an artcraft centre, in case not becoming CPA or Telekom rejecting me! (Tapi saye ade MICPA, pliss don't reject me Mr. TM!) Wink But had to pretend being deaf, wholly unable to hear all those questions which I certainly hate to answer, "Shila bila lagik?" - "Dah habis blaja kan? Shila next la kan?" - "Bofren sape? Buat ape? Takkan tunggu lame2.." and anything that goes the same...Ini la akibatnya bile anda mempunyai sikit kazen perempuan for both sides of your parents...Sighhh~~

7. The greatest part of my holidays; went for rafting with cousins, somewhere in Perak...RM150 per head with lunch and everything, for me it was reasonable enough...Sabrina was the tour guide (The fact that she's currently taking tourism studies in Taylors kot, hehehe) and besides, we had an opportunity to visit a mini cave, full of bats inside, damn darked, walked in on your gut and feeling on where your foots wanna step to...It was really fun and paid off my holidays, heheh...despite that I got a very bad sunburn, huhuhuhu =(

Maka, itu la perjalanan masa cuti gue...It was not bad actually, hehehe...I've started my new trimester last Monday, and too good to have class on tuesday ONLY!! (From 8.00 am to 4.00 pm) but then, what am I going to do for the rest of the week?? Wahh!! Giving me kesangapan berganda! Plis don't tell me that I have to study on my MICPA or become a loyal visitor of Siti Hasmah Library!


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