Nothing interesting!

Weuweuweuweu...Everything is in a big mess now, things are out of control...I don't know where to move or where should I put my steps on to...I don't even have a single little space around meeeee~~~! Why should people bother of what I'm currently doing? I am nobody, so stop looking at me & paparazi sekalian, pegik la buat kerja lain yang lebih berfaedah...Hurmph I'm not bound to anyone, NOT ANYONE, owh except Telekom la kot, hihihihi...Adeih, gue kembali stress...Oh no! I have to work out on one of my new year resolutions, "TAK MO EMO" Tongue

MICPA akan kembali menghantui hidup gue...I'll be having nightmares for all night long, sigh~~But anyway, with a little bit of experience on Module C, I hope I can make a good strategy on this or better still, to convience myself that I'll go through everything smoothly...Hope so! (Less emo) Hehehehe...But movies will still come along somewhere in between, hehehe...And my MMU Nite plus activities with gurlfrens~~Wheeeee!!! (Can't hardly wait for the picnic!)

Went for a movie yesterday, "Fun with Dick and Jane", heh the WorldCom, Enron, Arthur Anderson debacles...and I had a great day anyway! Wink Ookiee, completed with Gilmore Girls until 614, now gonna continue with desperate housewives 211-214, prison break 13, project runaway season 2, one tree hill 312-314 and ok cukup la tuh....Erk? do I have enough time to study? With my current reading on Opposite of Fate, sighhhh~~


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