APRIL soonnnnn

April is coming!! Soon!! Counting days till my bestday…Waiting for the surprise that he has planned (I know that, there will be a surprise, but how does it looks like, heh it doesn't appear in my imagination yet…) He didn't even gives me a single clues and that makes me wonder every night…He said, "You'll be surprise Shila...No one ever did this to you before and I'm SO SO SO sure about it…Wait till it comes…" (sambil membuat suara yang sungguh evil dan gelak jahat nyer) Kan best if it's "tie-a-knot" thingy? heheheheh (sambil perasan dan berangan dan mengire dengan jari brapa umur gue…) Tho I know la dia tak ajak gue kawen, tapi nak berangan orang "Shila will you marry me?" apa salahnyer...Hehehehhe....and Dillot is planning one for me (lagik satu evil plan in conjunction with Nigel) , hehehee, so I have two surprises down the lane (counting for the days), till my burfday, ngeh ngeh ngeh~~~So, my April will basically be:

1 April – MICPA Class (Ada midterm, demit!)

2 April – MICPA Class (Ada quiz, demit juge!)

3 April – Beseday Nazrin

8 April – Weuweuweuweuweu!! (My heart is singing happily!)

10 April – Beseday Nadiah

12 April – Beseday Pinat

13 April – Beseday Ir Fakhruddin

14 April – Beseday Wan

14 April - Beseday Asraful

14 April MMU PROM NITE "Red Carpet Affair"

15 April – MICPA Class (Hampeh!)

16 April – Beseday ShilaShower! Wheee (My 1st surprise!)

17 April – Beseday Zuren

19 April – Beseday Adik

19 April – Beseday Md Hanis

19 April – My 2nd surprise! (I loikess!)

26 April – Beseday Zul

26 April – Beseday Mizah

29 April – Accounting Nite (Marriot Putrajaya if I'm not mistaken)

In cloclusion, April is driving me to the insanity and beyond...I'll be broke soon...Adik gue pasti men'demand' beseday present...He keep asking me, "Kak Shila bile nak kerja? Kerja cepat sikit, nanti bleh mintak duit...pastu hari raya tahun nih jangan lupa duit raya Adik..." (sambil dia membuat peace!). Tibe-tibe kan, saye rasa nak kawen la...Wink


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