Geeky-fying Me

Mood: Emotionally exhausted and mentally bankrupt

I can't remember the last time I slept more than 4 hours in one night due to my erratic schedule (crazy studying hours, ngehngehngeh, ayat sungguh nerdy). I fear not getting enough sleep, so therefore I'm making myself freak out and am unable to sleep. My M.I.C.P.A stuff is everywhere; on my study table, on the floor, on my bed, under my pillow, FRS in my handbag!, on the shelves, inside the drawer, huhuhuh, di mana-mana saja...Gilak begini!

Owh, I went for an interview today; Bank Negara (kot2 ada jawatan kosong jadik "floor engineer") Hehehehe...Actually, my name was not in the list pun (Chan dan kuncu2 careerfair nyer telah mengabaikan gue!) with reason that everything will be on a first come first serve basis...Feeling that I have the qualifications and I deserve a place on the list; at least to be interviewed by BNM, gue pon membuat muke tak malu mintak slot kat BNM representative (sile interview saye, sekian terima kasih...hehehhe). Dengan sungguh well prepared, skalik soalan yang dia tanya, "What is the main item of assets and liabilities of a commercial bank such as Maybank?" - "What do you know about BNM acting as a banker to government?" - "Money Laundering" Sambil membuat muka confident + genies, gue jawab (tho dalam hati masa tuh berkata, hancus masa depan gue!)...But anyway, it was a positive interview and hati gue cukup senang bile the guy said, "You're outgoing, you should do those outdoor jobs like bank supervision, auditing commercial banks for BNM and I don't think you should go for internal audit...I can see your potential..." (Sebab dia dah puji, so kalau kena reject pon, I don't feel that bad, hehehhee...)


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