I do believe this weekend will go down as the most boring weekend ever!! (MICPA classes on SAT and SUN MORNING!) So if I start to go crazy, its only because I have too much work too do and so little time. So just hang in there. The past few days haven't been too exciting and my life hasn't been the easiest these past few weeks. Everyday is a real battle getting out of bed because I did not want to get up all. I finally dragged myself out of bed and got ready for MICPA stuff (exercises+notes+manual+FRSs) ...

Monday – Went to Allamanda with raksaksa gorgon and he treated me with a fine dining (tho it was not up to the level of Mandarin Oriental, but to have Manhattan Fish Market when you're in CYBERJAYA is far far far better and fine enough as compared to HB1/HB2/HB3/HB4/Sirah/Tao Café/FCM Café)

Tuesday – Had our Pay-Your-Own-Satay Outing (to celebrate Nazrin's burfday at earlier mode). Dillot bought us a party kit and guys, do keep it for my burfday surprise as well okies (surprise tapi dah tau, camner nih?). Owh! And the sunset for today was really nice…I mean it, it was really really nice…a few minutes of yellow then orange until it turned to be light red…The most beautiful scenery was when the sunset reached the tip of the mosque… (And I managed to take a few pics from jamban…Hehehe, dah dari jamban jer view cantik)

Wednesday – I was sick…Maybe I ate extra satay kot! Hehehehe….So I went to the clinic and used my HLA stickers (2!) for Clarinase… (2 piece of Clarinase which have 10 tablets each)…If I were to bought it at Guardian, it gonna cost me about RM18 for each piece. Clarinase had made me SO SO drowsy and I felt like I was in my Neverland; so I had to put myself to bed early yesterday… (An excuse untuk tidak perlu study last nite! hehehe)

Thursday – It's a bowling day with my girlfriends!! Yeah yeah….

Friday - Very depressing..**sighhh**Tired of too much reading and memorizing...Carebare, prepare to snoreee~~


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