Shop till u drop

And I still haven't satisfied my shopping urges.

I want to shop!! And shop and shop and shop and shop until I drop dead or I run out of money. Whichever comes first. Tongue But the workloads & my hectic schedule; sighhhh~~Hurmph There's no more time left to shop like that, and even less time to bum and watch movies. There's just no time. Not enough time.

But anyway, I still have a list of things to shop as if make-up stuff (still considering Bobby Brown or M.A.C), outfit for dinner (heh,sounds so Mak Datin, hehehe) and etc. Mak bonda gue said, "Laaa, asai dinner/prom ja tempah baju, ada event ja tempah baju, paihtu dok pakai skali tu ja, tu dalam almari tu simpan buat pa.." Hehehehe...hanya gefrens gue ja tau betapa gue suke menempah my own-designed-baju...Weuweuweuweu...

3 words: shopping, sleeping, and eating. What could be better than this?

Start counting days for 16 April (can't hardly wait!) Well, I've decided not to come with any wishlist or how I might want the day to be (as if nak candle light dinner ker, handbag Nine West like I had planned before hehehe) I'm just sitting still overhere, not ever to question him again for his plan or to say anything that has got to do with 16 April...I would love to see how far that he could plan for me, the capability of making me so, "WOWWW!!" or whether it could just end up being makan-cake-di tepi jalan, or Seri Angkasa being Seri Mamak or Nine West being Nine East (those from Cicongkai...) Hhehehehehe...But don't worry dear, I'll be accepting whatever that you have for me with open heart and grateful...Anyway, you should have know me better, it has been like, 1-2-3-4-5++, owh 5++ years since our first met...Hhehehehe


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