Exam is coming and I'm scared to death! Don't know how to put it into words but I am so damn takot giler gaban...! My future plan is depending on it, as to whether the 08.08.08 thingy will came into reality or should I just let it stay in my dreamland..Sighh~~ and the chances are....?? This is the consequence when you never failed about something in your life before...Something really important, big thing, precious and anything that goes the same....Takot nih~~~ !!

But anyway, while being so demotivated with a negative level of self esteem, I got this! At least I have this to cheer me up, my another late birthday present! (saye suke la, continuously receiving gifts!) Owh, and Mat Kown bought a new car and to my surprise the car is...wah keta idaman gwe! (Kasik Shila bawak gi opis plisss?? Kat Kuktem tak yoh pakai keta lawa2...hihihi)

: : And again, adhering to the confidentiality clause, I can't disclose the name of this kind hearted friend of mine...hihihihi : :

: : And Encik Zamri Zahrim, could you please send my long awaited stuff from US dengan kadar yang segere....I can't wait till August la... (U don't have to keep those things in your closet for so long...Hihihihi) Tongue : :


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