Penat la weyyy

This week has been pretty tiring, over hours eat me out of energy and I'm all the time so tired.... (Hurmmmm, can't hardly for 23rd May! and that's it...) Will just try not to over work that much, I still need my sleep as well....Miss him a lot! --

I'm feeling a bit bad lately that I don't have that much energy to be there for him and to listen to him and to be a cheery as usual.... (Module D really takes three quarter of me away!) And I see him beginning to feel left out as well. I don't want to hurt him, sometimes I just don't have the time...I make it up after 27th okies? (But uhhuu, I'm leaving for Melbourne on the 29th, ya ampun kamu...!) Sad

I guess he already got mad at me, and I felt the frustration come over me instantly: PMS, back ache, tiredness, stomach-ache, hormones are totally making me like this and I can't really work against it. Hurmm maybe I need to eat some chocolate, because that usually helps. Or
maybe a little pampering, a hot bath but yeah I guess I can't have this combination at the moment.... (Huwaaaaaaa!!! I'm sick of doing consol mild peri-peri nih! as well as reading FRSs! and crunching the auditors' report word by word!)

: : MMU - Hostel - Study table gwe yang dihumban dengan harta MICPA Module D : :

: : Last year, when I was seating for Module C- at home : :


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