It almost the end...

A few more days to go and I'm done then....Well, still waiting for the result as to whether Su will come back for her winter hols; if she's not coming back home, then a big YEAYYYY to me laa begitu! So I can meng-Melbourne-kan diri before I start working....or should I plan for something else? (Wonder what my only 2 weeks holidays will be...)

Option 1: Stay at home - sleep - tv series @ sitcoms - foods - movies - shopping - books - sleep - sleep - sleep~~

Option 2: Pi Kedah tengok SUKMA! (Hehehehhe, mungkin juge SU-Kown Tongue )

Option 3: Backpacking to Singapore as what I've planned before (have to confirm with Dillot then..)

Option 4: DESA IT Terengganu (will then be my last activity on my MMU Season Finale....Sighhhh)

Option 5: Melbourne! (I opt for this, but it is yet to be confirmed....Di kale confirm, akan terus pi beli tiket!)

And I had a conversation (through MSN & YM! jer pun...) with cousins yang diperantauan tuh....and a question from lawyer cousin, "Bile nak kawen? Wedding theme apa? I'll be your wedding planner for sure....and bla bla bla.....Good to know that you'll be with EY, how much they offer you? leaves? maternity leaves? medical benefits? bla bla bla bla bla...." (A lawyer can always shoot you with a thousand of questions at one shot!) Hehehehe, mahap yer Kak Nadiah....

And another brilliant ideas from Suraya:

Official Wedding Planner - Kak Nadiah (Advocate for Street's Childrens, hehe)

Hantaran - Cik Jah (Skill turun temurun yang sungguh sweet & exclusive)

Photos, Video, Montage - Suraya (Melbourne mari, production director in the making...)

Wedding Cake - Abang Arif (Shila nak cake rasa kangaroo ade? Heheheh)

Chef - Amir (My bro, so save cost!)

Wedding card - Abang Adi (Graphic designer kehormat nih...buat lawa, canggih dari advertisement that you made for NTV7 ok...)

Honeymoon - Sabrina (She settles for me; the place, tickets, accomodation, activities & etc. Operator of travel agency to be!)

Auditor - Shila & Co. (tho the rest from Aussie, gwe dari Cyberjaya, takper, I'm fine with that....hihihihi)


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