The days

Day 1 ~ 29 May 2006 : Monday --- Arrived at Tullamarine Melbourne Airport - fetched by Suraya - had Mcd's butter pancakes for breakfast - being introduced to new Indonesian friends (to be specific Faz, Nia & Arif...) and owh and a guy from Nepal; Mr. Gendut Tapi Lucu...Arif treats us for dinner at Nelayan (an Indonesian restaurant..)
Day 2 ~ 30 May 2006 : Tuesday --- Hibernated at home...Woke up at 2.00 pm and maghrib is just at 5.00 pm...Hihihihihi... (takpa, I can still jamak then..) and again, I had my dinner at Nelayan with Suraya and Abang Arif...
Day 3 ~ 31 May 2006 : Wednesday --- Woke up pretty late again...Hihihihi....Went to park, at Nia's place (a small park but nice enough to be compared with padang kat Mesia, hihiihi) and I was so selected to be one of Nia's models for her assignment...Hihihihi...She asked me to draw anything that came into my mind at that very moment and you know what was it? Maggie Tomyam! Nyum nyum nyum, enak sekali nih! She tooks picture of me holding my piece of artwork; Maggie Tomyam! I'm fasting for today and may be for the next three days (hehehe, biasa lah girl's thing and plus, it's winter time...) I wonder if this can be considered as cheating, kuikuikuikui (day time shorter than night, hihihi) and the greatest thing of all for today is, I had Nandos for my bukak puasa@dinner (and I know that my gurls would definitely said; balik-balik Nandos, balik-balik Nandos...) Hehehehe, Nandos is a must for me and see, I can still have it over here, I loikesss!! and again, I'm craving for my Starbucks Ice Caramel Macchiato (and I need Wan for this!) ....I'm wondering what is she doing rite now in London...I have a few plans on, from Queen Victoria Market till Great Ocean...Stories to be continued...
Hah, I finally talked with raksaksa gorgon and he told me that he's having a great time with his gay partners in Kedah (namely Miju & Aznal) and they just came back from watching Sukma Rugby Match...OK, have fun guys but please remind your gay partners that I haven't rasmi-kan you, so don't over the limit okies....Hihihihi....Tongue


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