and bye-bye

Wheeee~~ I'm going back today! I miss my room and I miss Encik Raksaksa the most... =P But too bad, I left with another few days before start working and there goes my life...Crazy hours - office will be my 2nd house - have to fix an appointment for a date - hardly watch movies - rarely go shopping - but hey, doesn't it seems like I gonna make more $$$? Less spending more saving! Hikhikhikhik~~ (But it's not always gonna work the same way u expected) One step into KLCC (or in specific COACH) gonna drive me crazy and if my brain can't think wisely, I'll be so damn broke in one second!
I spent a lotsss a loadzzz and I mean it...I'm wondering the reasons being so, either to compliment myself for the EY and for my performance in MMU & MICPA Module C or to revenge for not being able to have a real shopping before (I was bz-ing with my studies) or because of the word S-A-L-E that makes every ladies go mad or because it's not my $$$ but my Abah or scared of not being able to do any shopping after this or shopping with cousins is just so much fun or the fact that I love shopping and that is it, full stop. (The last reason makes more sense and I got this to prove it...Hihihihi)

And hukhukhukhuk, I've gained 3KGs over here and I wonder what have I ate...4 times of Nandos, 3 times of Max Branner, 3 times of Nelayan, 1 of Esteler, 2 times of Baskin Robbin, 1 of Sofia Italian Restaurant and more * excluding what at home...Hukhukhuk! I met my long lost x-schoolmate back in Jasin, doctor to be; Ecah...We went for a drink at Max B and that was our first time trying Chocolate Pizza...Nice huh Ecah? Hihihih...So like D.I.Y kind of pizza and I guess, you should try it at home...Had a good time with gossiping with untold stories from Jasin...owh I guess it was a session of MRSM Jasin & Alam Shah... (rupe2nya I know a bunch of people jugak la...Hihhihihi)

I'll definitely bringing back my memories of Melbourne with a deep scratched at the bottom of my digicam! Fazz accidentally dropped it and luckily, he didn't fell into the pond..Hihihihi...So long I'm using, it will still be there and thank god, that the digicam doesn't go cacats! Hihihi...Okies, that the story ends and I better get going coz I haven't packed anything yet and I have a whole lot of stuff to bring back...


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