Saye Kerje!

This is my first day of work and I'm at my workplace rite now...Hukhukhuk!! Wondering around, do some setups to my new lappy (new as in I just received it from EY), reading the IT manual, filling forms and surfing the net...Well, that basically applicable on the first day of work and yet, I'll be working like super audit slave..! (till I don't know when...) I'm not sure whether I gonna stay here forever or I might be looking forward for something flexible in later future... (but I can make $$$ here!) Somehow, thinking of having my own family, I can't afford to do audit till the end of my days, if not my children will be like, "Sorry, I don't know her..." Pity me then...I wanna raise my own mini me as well as being a career woman, is there anyway for that? (Tho cita2 di hati nak jadik housewife, hihihi....) Anyway, I'm enjoying the thing that I have now, as for today and maybe for near future....Setelah itu, kita tunggu dan lihat....

Well, I did some calculations (Pinat did that actually for me pasai she kerja bank...) about buying a house and a car, coz I'm planning towards that...But somehow, I can only afford to pay for a condo in KL when in fact I wanted to have at least a double-storey house...Condo will be a good idea for a short term but not when I turn 60! On top of that, Kown plans to work either in Sony, Penang or Naza, Gurun and he keeps talking about buying a house in Penang or Laguna Merbok, Sg Petani...Hukhukhukhuk, bagaimanakah hidup gwe jike tiada One Utama di sisi? and I don't know why did I think of this seriously, like planning it thoroughly and thinking of it deeply (maybe I can't wait for my B.I.G Day kuikuikui...) Let give myself sometime so that I can think wisely and be able to make a good decision, hihihhihih (Kakak sedare kat Sydney tu mesti dah garu kepala baca blog adik sedare nih...) Don't worry Kak Nadiah, I'll definitely appoint you as my official wedding planner...Tongue


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