5 Years!

K.O.S.H 5th Anniversary...

Hikssss~~We've been together since last 5 years and as what he said to me, "Kalau ada anak, dah masuk tadika dah..." Hehehehehe...I had a great day yesterday with a lot of eating...Every now and then, makan makan makan...and I even had a McD in GSC! Hehehehe...Well, I don't have to tell how the 5 years long distance relationship goes, but I'm comfortable with it; tho somewhere along the way, we broke up for 3 months... Tongue He is the guy who used to wear different color slippers for a date, yet he's the one who has the patience to be with me.... Psycho-emotional-unstable-fragile-plus damn good at nagging....heheh (blame MICPA for that, the side effects of it....) He's the one who makes me jump up and down on my bed to the sound of music in my head, the music that comes along with the feeling of happiness....Yet the distance that is keeping us apart~~

:: With L.O.V.E from Brighton Beach, Aussie ::

I had a lunch today with my MMU frens; Dillot of course, Mira, Dilla and Raje...We talked about works and exams till Mira came up with the idea of becoming "Suri Rumah Sepenuh Masa"...and supported by Raja who has just bought the magazine Saji...Dillot said, "Forget about those FRSs, no MICPA no ACCA, let start focusing on to be a good cook, from Alynn tidak tahu masak, to Alynn tahu masak sikit-sikit..." Ngeh ngeh ngeh ngeh...

And the discussion has bring me to the idea of getting married as soon as possible, kuikuikuikui.... (Please take attention yer Encik Raksaksa....) Berangan jer la tapi...I don't actually have a firm conclusion about what I'm going to end up with....Sometimes I want to be a career woman, auditor, earn a big amount of $$$ which definitely belongs to me but at times, I do feel like being a full time housewife, hehehhehe....and when we were having dinner yesterday, he asked me, "Shila, kita tunang nak?" and I was like, ERKKKK?? Rasa nak tercekik!


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