Zombie Day!

Sigh... so here I am now, the vacation is already getting to an end and everything around me is so silent, too silent I would even say, I guess everyone is coming a little bit late than usual (arrived at 12.30AM, what can u expect anyway? People coming to office like zombie? ) I can't take any leave as for today, coz I'm planning to take one on this coming Friday...I really-really-really have to settle my Telekom stuff, so that I can put into effect the 6 months thingy...Anyway, just to get a calm start with things...Then I'll have time to read my e-mails,to blog and to update my FP...

I'm pretty sure you all would love to know how my vacation (it was my group trip...) was like, I can say one thing: it was unforgettable...Heh, unforgettable could means anything; either a so feel good thing or daaaaa, what the hell is it? The telematch much was fun, so as the treasure hunt...Thumbs up for that...I bought a loadz of chocolates! Pheewww, I wonder what if I were to stay for another one week...Just name it; Daim, M&M, Smarties, Ferrero Rocher, KitKat, Hersheys and Cadbury is must!

Mr. Adam called me yesterday, early morning I tell you! I was like sakit jantung when I saw his name on my HP screen...I thought he wanted to tell me that, "Yursila, results MICPA nak keluar hari nih..." and I can't imagine how nuts will I be on the way back to KL, knowing that I fail for the exam...But heheheh, he was not telling me that, but to ask me the password for MICPA's website....Hikhikhik, saspen jer la Mr. Adam nih! Just let me enjoy another peaceful moments without the MICPA's hunting for me, my body and soul... =P


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