Pay Day!

Yeayyy!! Gaji pertama ku....It reminds me of syampoo advertisement (i can't remember the brand) where the girl gives the first pay to her mum and saying like, "gaji pertama ku untuk ibu...." and showing her new rebonding hair done, using that syampoo... (meaning takyoh la spend your gaji for rebonding but to give it to your mum...) I sms mama and told her that I got my first pay today and I'm so happy head over heels, hihihi....and mama replied, "Ok, then mama bleh amik 2 helai kain batik sutera from kawan mama...." Heh? Mama, gaji anak mu bulan ini hanya separuh (coz I'm here for half a month jer baru) ... =P Plus, abah reminds me to set aside my pay for mama punya weekly Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan (weekly, pasai kalau weekend jer, dapur confirm close...hihihi)

I have a few things to do; to submit my Borang Tamat Pengajian to Telekom, medical check-up, update pics to my fotopages, shopping (MNG memanggil sungguh nih! 50% tuuu...), pay for Langkawi trip, pay Celcom's bill and the list goes on and on and on...and I can't wait for next Friday coz I'll be meeting Encik Raksaksa, after past 1.5 months (actually near to 2 months...) Long distance begini la nasibnyer...But well, I am so fine about it and it goes for almost 5 years dah! It just that this time around and maybe the days onward, dating have to be fixed on appointment, hihihihi....Tengok slot's availability of mine, kuikuikuikui (sounds so like dah jadik partner jer....) I got a wedding invitation from Mc'2 (Wardatul Raihan), scented card lagik, but I can't attend the wedding coz I'll be going to Langkawi for the group trip...Nanti i pass my prezzie for you kat Abby k! (Sniff sniff sniff, mahu kawen juge la rasanyer...)

Ok, gonna continue with FP pics updating, thousands of pictures to be uploaded, hihihi (",)


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