::: Fail MICPA - B'Day Abah - Tax Submission - PayDay - Mega Sale!! :::

Hehehehe, the title explains everything...I might go a little bit cacats minda as for today...Errrggghhhh~~~!!!

(1) Fail MICPA Module D - For the first time ever in mylife, I failed an exam. A big important exam which has a big impact in mylife; as in what I want to do, what am I suppose to do, where should I be heading to and etc. Thinking of a career path, accounting is never a first choice of mine and thus, the future of my education is bothering me. In a way I feel that MICPA is just hassle full, that I should go through with TM and let them sponsor me again for Master (di Aussie ker, with my cousins over there!). Buttttt I'm with Ernst&Young now until God knows when and I can't take it off coz I can't afford to loose the $$$ I'm earning here... (hehehhehe) ...

(2) Birthday Abah - Today is my dad birthday and how am I suppose to tell him, on his big day that I failed the exam? Seperti telah menjadi derhake kerane tidak blaja rajin2 dan fail...~~ Dem jer, I should say, because now I'm having doubts if audit is really what I want to do..It's not that easy as some people think. Sure, it's interesting when you have time concentrate on thing that the more you could enjoy... I guess in a way I'm afraid that I'll disappoint him because he puts so many dreams into me and so many hopes on me. But I'm sure that whenever I follow my heart and dreams, he'll be happy for me… and that's what I'm doing right now

(3) Tax Submission : Dateline 31 July 2006 - Most of the time I'm concentrating myself on calculations and feeling that I don't have any creative ideas for art (tho I like it most) and I feel guilty from time to time that I'm not here with all my heart (helooo?? its tax anyway!) but more like doing everything just that I could get it done and that won't educate me, but will make me hate that field even more! (referring to tax) ...Erkk, thinking of it, what if I find out after 4-5 years that I've just wasted my time on something that I really don't want to study at all? Then it would feel even worse. Playing around with Photoshop when writing my blog is one of those things that makes me a bit more creative and enjoy the time when I'm writing my blog. At least some time I find myself doing something that I like, dealing with art.

(4) PayDay + Mega Sale!! - Both compensate for my depressing mood! Hehehhehe, so whatever it takes, shopping pays for it...so chill la~~ (I'm going to call my girls for a "Girls' Day Out!" )

Quote: Life can be expensive but on the other hand full of adventures. Every now and then there must be some risks taken so that you'd know what's important and so that you wouldn't miss out on something what might turn out to be something really good for you.


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