Family Dinner

Ke hadapan Adinda Suraya & Kekanda Arif di Melbourne, juge tidak dilupekan Kekanda Fahim di Sydney.... (heh, anyone missing? hope not...) Family dinner was held at Cik Jah's place and the main agenda was "fine dining mixed with superlicious gossips!"... Between, the dinner was to celebrate my two cousins who came back for good with the other half in mummy's tummy! Yeayyy!! (And a name given by Sabrina -- Syed Kecik...Hehehe, cumil~~) as well as Alisya & Ikmal are waiting for their baby brother/sister to say hello to the world...! So, basically I have half plus half baby niece/nephew on the way....Hehehehe....

: : Suraya, visit my FP for more! Hihihi : :


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