What's wrong with Shila?

Feel like I left my brain somewhere down the road....I'm becoming more forgetful-absent minded auditor. Sighhh~~Kown has realized it wayyyyyy before this, but I made my full hard attempt to ignore it or to at least say, "Mane ada, Shila penat laa...I have so many things on my mind right now...and bla bla bla..." Heh, I'm good at creating reasons and that's what an auditor is damn hell expert on...

And last night...

I forgot that I unscrewed the lid to the bottle of mineral water (on my bed)...

And then I shook it.


Pandai tak saye?

Dan Encik Telekom telah kol saye di sini dan telah kata, "Sila lapor diri pada 15 September 2006 dengan membawa dokumen2 berikut...". Before he could even finished the line, I said, "Saye nak defer offer ni dan hanya nak masok Telekom in at least next 3 years..." Harap maklom...I'm sorry to say that Telekom is not part of my short term plan tho it has sponsored for 5 years....I'm happy for the days that I have in Ernst & Young (as for now la..)and I'm not planning to leave EY until God knows when...Hehehehe.... (Unless if TM intends to offer me RM5000 for now...Hihihihi) Hey, I have MICPA ape? Wink


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