I can't make up my mind

I think the hardest part of knowing me and dealing with me is that I constantly change my mind about things.

With regards to the above mentioned matters, should I opt for Gen2 ? Neo ? or just a Kelisa? Gen2 leaves me with nothing after the monthly instalment and so does Neo (I supposed....) but not for Kelisa...Tho after deducting the monthly instalment + toll + parking + maintenance, it still comes with profitable investments and wonderful shopping packages in between...

The problem is, I'm looking for a car that able to serve me for LONG, for at least 9 years, family type yet sporty and Gen2 fits the criterions....Sighhh, I'm running out of time and it's so hard for me to make a wise decision....Hukhukhukhuk.... (Kown kata, naik beskal sudoh!)


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