I'm bored with the training...

Huuuuuuu~~!! It's getting almost a month since I last saw him and we haven't fixed any date as yet...Errrggghhhh!! Auditor with a long distance relationship, heh can you imagine how feel good I am? I hate when people asked me this kind of questions, "Tak kuar dating ker hari minggu?", "Tak gi tengok movie ngan bofren ker?" , "Eyh, why you're not bringing your bf along?" ....My Mr. Significant Other Half jauh lerrrrr dodol!

And I've received 2 big news that surprise me very much andddd to show how hectic my working condition for not knowing such things.
FIRST: Acab (a fren from Jasin) is married! and he told me that everyone knows it but me...Sighhh~~
SECOND: Tipah (Mrs. Aji, heheh) is expecting...Baby on the way! Congrats to you guys!

On top of everything, I've received a few congrats. msgs. from families and friends.Thank you! And some of the messages goes like:

(1) Abah: Tahniah!

(2) Mama: Congrats! (and one big hug)

(3) Kown: Yeayy, confirm tahun depan bleh tunang! and tak sia2 jugak la Kown dengar emo Shila hari-hari... Hehehhe (Erk???? Are you sure? Shila tatawu masak tau dak??)

(4) Pakcik Rahim: Congrats! of course u can! For now, concentrate on learning the practical aspects as u can only sit for your Module E 12 months later! (heheheh, dengar pada yang pakar...)

(5) Suraya: Ha kan dah habaq dah...2008 makan nasik minyak la saye... (Daaa??Apekah??)

(6) Abang Adi: Congratulations!

(7) Wan: Tahniah (she sms-ed me at 6am!)

(8) Lin: Wow! Congrate! Doakan Lin nak amik MICPA... (Doa sentiasa ada untuk para gedikz! Hehehhe)

(9) Mr Adam: Congrats on your MICPA result. May Allah continue to guide and bless you in every endeavour. (Thanks a lot to you Mr Adam! My thanks to you is to the infinity!)

(10) Azizi: Hehe, good for u...Congrats! Takde open table ker? (Daaaa???)

(11) Mira: Hey congrats. Heard u passed MICPA. Hehe, tak sabarnya nak makan pizza..Heheh

(12) Abg Epol: Ali Maju skarang!

(13) Anna: Congrats! Saiko jer emo hari tu... (hehehhehe)

(14) Dillot: Congrats! (Euuuwwww, I don't know what to say...thanks Dillot for being my friend for all this while and I guess my thanks to you goes endlessly...)


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