Yeayyyy!! Today is Friday and it is good to know that today is Friday! and it is good when the week ends~~ (For those who have yet to get a job, soooonnn, you'll know why...) But hey, this Friday thingy does not applicable to those auditors that have to work 24/7, devoted your life for numbers! I'm not in the group as yet, hehehhe (referring to those who actually stayed in the office for sleeps-meals-works). Things have been smooth as far and people are extra friendly, especially the guys andddd married! Hhahahhhaha...My dearie bestfren; Pinat has once told me, "Shila, hang baik2 sikit, laki ni lagi dah kawin, lagi gatai!" Well dear, it somehow looks true but not to all anyway...

So, weekends mean books + sitcoms + musics + movies + foods + sleeps~~~ Can't wait till 5.30! Owh, the gurls (those "kawan sampai mampos") will be coming over to my place tomorrow for MP3s, MTVs, Sitcoms, Movies that I have in my lappy and PC...and plus, for the novels as well....Sile sile datang, pintu rumah cek sentiasa terbukak untuk hangpa!


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