Bye to diet!

Whew! I've been a busy girl (Errr, 23 but a girl? Hikss...) After finally figuring out that I'm stuck here for a while (here as in office with an ocean of files!) or I've been too busy to actually do an entry and have been spending time in the great shopping and dining!. Talking about fine dining, please take note that I've left behind all the dietary plan (those cereal + say NO to rice & meats + vege lover + jog + jog + jog things....) I used to have all while in Cyberjaya, but hey it has been like 3 months since I left MMU...and plus, the moment I stepped on Aussie's soils, there goes all my diets. Well, cousins are always the same and there's no way for me to say NO to place like Max Brenner! (Chocolate by the bald man!). For those who knows me since Jasin days might have seen me differently as what I am today (hehehe, you know like 65KGs tall chubby girl with specs and braces and definitely VERY bad in matching my clothes!) Kihkihkih, I'm not saying that I've turned into supermodel or what, but I guess all the hardwork paid off....and it's so great to fit into size M and 28 again! For all these years, I never heard of someone says something like, "Shila, makan ler banyak sikit...Abang ingat kalau ikat tali kat Shila, dah boleh buat layang-layang tau!" Daaaaaaa??? I'm not that thin OK? and it sounds so like anorexia! =D


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