Friday the Great!

Yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! Friday is coming and it's tomorrow! Friday - on leave - back to MMU - hangout with the gurls - dinner at Mr Adam's - and HIM ! Yesss, it's him that makes me happy head over heels! We have something up to for this weekends and I can't hardly wait for that! I wonder when all this will come to an end, hey end as in to stay near, which means no longer in a long distance relationship...Sighh~~ (Heh, I know that the words K.A.W.E.N wil do, heheheh).

And that could mean that I have to move to Kedah with him - since he has a plan to buy a house in Jitra for good... (Can someone tell me how could I be without One Utama near me? Hukhukhukhuk~~) He has once told me with the SO evil face, "Bile kawen dok Kedah, paihtu address IC tukaq jadi Aloq Staq jugak!" Daaaaaa!! Sungguh jahat ini, I've grown up in KL, Taman Ehsan in specific since I was born OK? The reasons being that he choses to live in Jitra; low costs of living - double storey semi D for RM170,000 - RM200,000 - no traffic jam, no stress - peaceful environment with paddy fields around....

The bad news of all; it is just a second week of the month and I've already spent like 3/4 of pay! and it's not because of the Mega Sale fever that striking over Malaysia.... (I wonder where my $$$ goes to...) Could it be the Amin Jauhary's "kebaya reben + pario" or the fact that I have to treat people for lunch and dinner, when I accidentally made a stupid MICPA deal...Hah, and the robe rental cost me about RM200 as well~~


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