MMU 7th Convocation - PART I

Wheeee!! Convo convo convo!! But huuuu, right deep in my heart I do feel sad for leaving MMU for good.... (and hey, life in MMU and EY are totally different!) Rehearsal was held on Friday 9.00 am and daaaa, I was late for that...Eh silap, not I but we; Dillot, Nazrin & Syafiq. I guess Dillot has lost her sense of memory in MMU when she told us that it takes only 10 minutes to reach Cyber from Shah Alam! Daaaa?? Nazrin is no longer Nazrin that used to drive 50km per hour and the reason being is, "I bawak kereta laju sejak MMU buat rehearsal pukul 9 pagi...." Hehehehe....And I finally meet the girls!!! I was so happy for that, tho our last met was just 3 months ago. Ya ya ya, I know that I sound like it takes 3 years for that, but hey the days with the girls are SO SO wonderful! (Besides him and cousins, hehehhe).

As for MICPA's students, we had a dinner at Mr Adam's place that night - Maxwell Tower. Huh, we took about 1 hour just the find the way to his place, in specific the right turning to his house. Reached there with super hungry faces but thank God there was lot of foods to be eaten...Hehehehe~~~ Eyh, have you ever tried on F&N Sarsi+Orange+Sprite ?? That tripple carbonated drink taste good anyway! Foods and chit chat all night long...I was the second to go back and that was already 5 minutes to 11, I wonder what time the rest went back... (Ok, 11pm might sounds early and chill laaaa, but not when your convocation day is on the next day at 7.45am) Mr Adam and Ms Foo must be proud of us, hehehhee (masok bakol angkat sendirik) but its true....What would you feel then when your students are all, "Owh, I'm with Ernst & Young now..." OR "....I'm working with PWC and bla bla bla..." OR "Yeah, I got an offer from KPMG and dot dot dot..." The BIG 4 are rivals but we are good friends, no matter what till God knows when....Sob sob sob sob....


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