Satu petang di meeting room syarikat penerbangan di Malaysia (bear in mind, it was a tea break time and while waiting for the super pending documents)

Senior: You ni, kalau buat benda ni laju jer…Expert yer….5 menet dah siap!

Junior: Biase lerrrr (muke eksen jer….tangan sebok dok ikat beads dengan dawai)

Senior: Aah, kalau suh buat odit, sampai tahun depan tak abis!

Errrrr….nanti dapat JPR 2.5 kerrr?? (FYI, JPR below 3 is bad, below expectation) Hukhukhkhukhuk….

It takes me a week to think about my decision about making this business (I mean ofkos la nak buat business hantaran or anything that has got to do with crafts/ribbons/flowers/etc.) It has been my dream job ever besides being a super stay at home mom. And the business that I plan to set up can always be carrying out from home; a home based business. So, sooner or later I'll definitely do it, it just a matter of time….But somehow, in the middle of bz-ing with audit, there's a feeling that keep urging me on doing it(Maybe I accidentally misplaced some parts of my brain in those audit files and had just replaced it with documents that full of wedding & craft ideas!)

Remember when I told you that I'm in charge for preparing my best friend's engagement? The hantaran part? The hand bouquet? The deco? Alhamdulillah, everything goes smoothly and I feel so grateful that she trust me on that… (Hello, is anyone ever trust an auditor who just knows about numbers? Nothing but numbers? YES and NO, no OR….) Heheheheh, maybe I'm the cacats among those auditors…..Soon, my Financial Reporting Standards will fade away and left me only with wedding and gifts ideas….Hihihihihi…..

I've created another fotopage to place all my works (heh, baru ade dua jerr….) and millions thanks for the supports that I got from every single sides, friends and families, the love one and all….Dengan ini saye rasmikan bisnes kecik saye…Hihihihi…..Happy viewing people!

"ShilaShower Wedding & Gifts Gallery"


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