Wheeee, finally had a facial done! on Wednesday and owh ya, wondering how I got so much time to do it on that working day? It was Wednesday, a day where I've to go back to office in Damansara Heights (not to Subang!) for a Chicken Soup Training! Yeayyy!! Having said so, I was able to go back sharp at 5.30 pm....Hehehehe....Thank god for making into existence a company name Blu Inc. which generously held an event and give away a priceless goodies bag! Everything that I need to pamper myself is inside! Chocolate, Crabtree & Evelyn Body Lotion, Sesheido face relief lotion, Fitness First one week pass, Dermalogica facial treatment and lots more! Everything just falls nicely into my arms at a very rite time, so let just forget about works.

Definitely need a spa treatment to pamper myself after having a bad days in _ _ _. You know what the dermatologist told me the other day? "You have a lot of stress lines on your forehead. Seems like you've stress out for weeks, not enough rest and work till late...Like something bothering you too much and you've been thinking about it all days...." Mak aih, nujum pak belalang ke haper dia ni? But hey, ofkos la, auditor mana pulak duduk goyang kaki kat ofis? Even partners have to work 24/7 tau.

But anyway, that's so true and I wonder whether that could make me look older than my age! Waahhhh, tak mahu laaaa!!! Wrinkles are coming out much much much early than the time and it's a verrryyyy bad sign then! (See? who says career with a good pay can give u happiness? Maybe for others but not me.....)

Tho I earn a good pay but everything strikes off when it comes to stress underneath the job! With whole loadz of stress on each coming days, my life has simply become "Got Money, No Life". Different with my good old days in MMU, where it was the other way round, "Got Life, No Money" . Hihihihihi...


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