Piss Off!

I am so pissssss off today! Too bad it has just been 2 months passed by and I have another 2 years 10 months more to go before I can really say BYE to audit. I'm not saying that Melayu pemalas, but in my case it is sooooo true! Those lazy bump fellas that are just creating more problems and makan gaji bute, duduk nganga, apetah je dia orang ni buat…mengong!

And what everyone keep saying; I am so fortunate to get into this specialized industries and which definitely grants me a good credit to my CV. All I need to do is to be a little bit more patient and try to look into a bigger perspective on how it benefits me...After a milllion miles I've walked through, the only thing that I could say is OK, bear with it...By all means, this is just so complicated, full of complexity but yet I'm still in the line.


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