Hulo! Nothing much to share in here since nothing so significant happened in my life for past few weeks… (Errrr, cumulative stress of doing audit can be significant kan?) Significant as its driving me crazy, so nuts! Back to my future plan story, I'll be going to 'Kursus Perkahwinan' soon…with him and we're still trying to fix a date, a good one…Well, knowing my working condition, I have to see to which slot could I fit my plan…Ha, thinking of taking emergency leave if my leave application not being approved. Is it ridiculous of taking EL for one Kursus Kawen? Hihihihihi~~~ (Between, ada orang tu dah giler gedik ajak kite kawen, so kena la pegi kursus dolu kan?)

The fact is, we are both tired of having to stay apart, having a long distance relationship for 6 years. We just want to be near, seeing each other as often as we can (or at least spending the weekends together every week…). Thinking of me that will be auditing Petronas Kerteh while he's in Kulim (for practical training) is just too much stress. Initial plan was to focus on career, as in me with audit & MICPA and him with his job & iR studies. Too bad, we both can't no longer bear with the current condition, so he decided to settle down soon… (But hey, how much soon can we do, my Petronas things are till June 2007!) After all, we are both tired of staying apart….Sighhh~~

P/S:- Not la soon, at least till my kazen terchenta di Melbourne be back here for good or paling hampeh, back for a loooonnngggg holidays! =D


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