Demit! I am fully booked until next June! JUNE 2007! and more coming and soon will hit my schedule. (Huh, camno plan nak engage April 2007 nih?). Malaysia Airlines Berhad, UMW Toyota, Petronas Kerteh, Petronas Carigali, maka? what can you say about it? See how hectic my life gonna be until God knows when...I was so extremely shock & heart attack when I saw my schedule just now..Nightmare for a year!

I remember of yesterday, when he told me to rest a while, take some time off for himself, I got a bit sad. But I do understand why he wanted that, why he felt like, needing a day only for him... I guess it's normal. However, I'm only wishing to be there already... in his arms... cuddling. (Nak kawen la, tapi job schedulling is pushing me away from my plan and I can't afford to work until 4 am while my husband is waiting me for the bedtime...) =D

I bet he'll be upset to hear about my job schedulling and of course to think what coming up next....Sighhh~~

I'm a bz girl,



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