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Selamat Hari Raya…It isn't too late to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin rite? Last Aidil Fitri wasn't a good for me or a joyous pagi raya for me…Fever + Flu + Sore Throat + Cough + Headache for a week! Spoilt my 7 days holidays which I was looking forward before…The week before raya, nothing could ever make me happy head over heels other than the upcoming holidays, but everything ended up with falling sick (overjoyed for the holidays kot!). I hardly remember what I did for those 7 days and one more things that added up in making my raya even more hampeh, I don't have a new baju raya…When everyone was busy with raya shopping (Mega Sale tau!), thinking of what to wear on Hari Raya, what sort of kuih raya to buy, I was busy – busy – busy doing interim audit @ test of control for MAS…Besides, when everyone in EY is busy applying for study leaves, I am busy tipping my fingers on the desk, thinking what sort of leaves could I apply for…My next study leave will definitely be on next November 2007! Errrr, maternity leave? (still have to wait for next 9 months and I'm not married anyway…heeeeee…..) Harap maklom.

Hahaha, I'm working on something rite now…Something that so out of way from what I was studying, not even what I'm doing rite now (which is audit) and definitely nothing that has got to do with MICPA…Hehehhehehe…I don't know what has brought me to the idea of doing such "work" but I am so happy with it…I'm a beginner, still learning but going fine…Hehehehe…Who knows that someday I might end up being a wedding planner with MICPA & MIA Membership? Chill~~~! I'm helping my bestfriend for her engagement and I am responsible in preparing the whole hantaran for her & him! Percaya tak? Good that she trust me & hey, we're friends since standard one. To Dillot & Mira, I'm making my first steps in becoming a wedding planner, kuikuikuikui…Hoping that Dillot will take me to be part of her event management company, hehhehee…Well, this is my first work and definitely it wouldn't be a good as other wedding planner…

At first, I was just helping around with choosing the stuff and apparently, she was happy with my 'bahan experiment'…So, she decided to let me doing the hantaran part…I told Kown about it and he came with an idea of:

Him: Why don't you try of making your first business? Something small but could be profitable. You have your blog, your FP, Friendster, those are good channels for advertising your business.

Me: Heh, you're rite! What kind of business that I am so up for. As far as I'm concern, I was never a business minded girl and now u wants me to experiment on this?

Him: You never know…

Me: Sape la pelanggan bertuah lagik baik hati nak berbisnes ngan Shila ni? Name it plisss? (Dalam hati, ada ker orang nak gune hantaran cacats ku itu? Tapi ada butterflies tau…)

Him: Taper2 try jer…

Me: Ok, I try, seploh hengget satu dulang hantaran…ok tak? Murah jer, orang lain sumer cikai2 pon 20-30 hengget. (Sambil berbanggo nak jadi businesswoman yang jual murah…)

Him: Hoh? Tak Menguntungkan langsong! Nak buat charity works ker…

Me: I've told you, never a business minded…Know how to give assurance on others financial position but never on making own $$$. (Dalam hati berkata lagi, and so pro on spending others money, especially yours!) Hehehehe

I'll upload the pics once the engangement ceremony over…(perhaps in next 2 weeks.)


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