Works & Raya...

Monday: Work - Work - Work. To be specific, a work name A.U.D.I.T

Tuesday: Had a busy day taking things over from client, who went on a vacation for 2 and half weeks. I was pretty tired in the evening, so decided to go off early (and it was at 8.30pm!) When people use to leave at 4.30pm...

Wednesday: Still a pretty busy day, nothing that bad happened, but had a lot of things to do.

Thursday: Woke up feeling really sick, not from the meals, but sick like being ill. It was nice to hear his voice in the morning waking me up. I guess I wasn't cheery enough, talkative enough or was he too tense?

Friday: I guess most of people in KL has started their holidays (and thats including Abah & Mama) or some might have even make move to 'kampong halaman', when the fact is I'm still stuck in Subang,,, (like being smacked between the planes)...But anyway, I can't wait to end for today, go on leave and to do things that I've wanting for so long....! TV - MAKAN - SITCOMS - SLEEP - SLEEP - SLEEP - SHOPPING (plus, I've got my refund for MMU, making me a bit $$$ rite now, heheheh...but too bad, got no time for shopping!)

Did I mention that I was working 10 hours a day, for money and to get things done? Lately I have also felt that life is passing by too quickly. It's like, you have no time to organize your life, you just have to go with the flow. I'm wondering how much time it takes for me to get my life into grip. When will I have kids, when will I get married and have husband and a sort of family life? When will I finish my MICPA and work myself up? (as in something that I really llllooooovvvveeee to) Will I be able to do that?

Ok, have to sign off, MAS is calling me for audit, Selamat Hari Raya people! Wheeeee, can't wait to go back Penang for Raya! Miss Penang so much! Selamat Hari Raya kepada kazen2 di Melbourne, bertenang lah anda di Hari Raya. To Gediks and Kuasa Genies a.k.a AuditSlave, have a wonderful Hari Raya! Looking forward to see you guys! Muaaaahhhhh!!!

Encik Gemokz, duit raya adakah untuk saye?? Hehehehhe......


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