Abis sudah gwe kali ini!

Huuuuuuuuu, I can't stop nagging coz I'm in the midst of making a decision, whether to sign off the 3 years training contract with E.Y (for that 3 years audit working experience), complete my final paper MICPA Module E and become a member of MIA (Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountant)....Daaaaa??? Shila the Chartered Accountant, uuuuuuu that sounds so great but it definitely gonna takes my life away....my social life per say....

The contract will be end on DECEMBER 2009! Can you guys imagine how long it takes for me bear with audit life? Being an audit slave and I'll be 26 by then.... (Heheheh, it doesn't sound that old, saje jeee emosi kan diri....) Everything doesn't stop over there, once I become a member of MIA (namely Shila the Chartered Accountant, hehhehe) , I have to maintain my CPE hours for the rest of my life! Meannnniiiinnnnggggg I have to do things that audit related or finance or to stay in corporate world till I don't know when....Sighhhh, cam mana nak jadik suri rumah nih?

And on top of everything, we're planning to settle down by August 2008 (insyaallah...kalau cukop RM RM RM RM, hehheheh) but I'm still going to be here in E.Y KL until 2009 when he's in Penang then.... (Waahhhhh!!! Tak kawen pon jauh, kalau kawen pon still jauh gak?) I guess I'm the award winner for having the longest long distance relationship! Huhuhuh, so helpless me.....

--> Besides, there's another good spot for you guys to drop by, get to know that real life of an audit slave! AUDIT SLAVE!


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