I can't believe that I have time to write this!

I repeat myself, "I can't believe that I have time to write this" and that Dillot was asking me the same thing the other day. I guess she has been suffocated enough over there or smacked in between the files, hihihihi.... (that wasn't too bad kan? you're in Midvalley and the MNG is always there!) Better still than me okeh. Zombified myself in Shah Alam and there will never be a shoes-clothes-handbags thingy in a factory, to specific Toyota Motor's factories. Announcing the arrival of peak-period-syndrom and that's when people can't think straight after 5. Yet they will still be there doing works till midnight or might even be until the next morning. But hey, I like my new team. Seniors are flexible and you can always manage your time at any way you like. That's cool enough for me. For them, it's not a matter of where you're doing your works, but how you manage your things and quality counts. True lah kan? Duduk kerja macam gile until 12am at client's place but in fact 1+2=12 or 120. Takde makna nye.....

--> Wahai En.Kerja Kilang, bile nak jumpe nih? It's been a while since our last met. Jangan lah asyik duduk dalam incubator tuh.


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