Muvi Hantu


It was a day out with the Gedikz from MMU. Good to see them again and at least enjoyed myself yesterday very much (trying not to think about works for 12 hours…huhuhu). We went for a movie and something made me feel happy when Fifa & Me were buying for the tickets (a bit lah kan..)…

The Staff: Cerita nih untuk 18 tahun jer.

Me & Fifa: Aah, tawuuuu…. (sambil buat muke to that fella…)

The Staff: Abes, awak semua nih cukup umur tak?

Me & Fifa: Hoh?? Cukup laaa….terlebih dah pon. (sambil memandang each other dan tergelak-gelak)

Moral of the story: It's good for teenager now days to dress up like so ladies as if they're above 21. People might be thinking that those above 21 are the 17s that trying to act mature…Hihiihiih….Tidaklah begitu perasan, but at least rase jugak mude-mudi tho will be getting 24 soooonnn….Sekian harap maklom.

Between, I paid for a horror movie that day okeh. I can't believe it, for watching a horror movie that I neverrrrrr everrrr wanted to. I used to have a philosophy of not paying for a horror movie just to scare myself. But I think it's no longer applicable for now (adekah stress kerja odit mengatasi rasa takot untuk cerita hantu?) Logik kah??

Today (Monday)

Working à and anything better to explain it? Between, senior2 terchenta sangat berebut untuk mengambil gwe as their helping hand. Maklom ler, gwe ini buat dormant jer, pastu dah siap, pastu all the seniors are like, "Shila freeeee kan?" or "Shilaaaa….." (sambil mata blink blink) and my senior in-charge berkate, "I tak nak jadik keji, tapi I nak bagi…." dan membuat the evil face…Maka, itu lah nasib seorang junior….Sobsobsobsob…Tongue


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