Left my brain somewhere

As per the title say, "I left my brain somewhere...". Huh, it goes missing & undetected. I need to defrag my brain...Maybe to delete those unneccessary and unused things that have been kept for long. I need more space in brain, so that I can think straight and be more focus. Okeh, wanna know what the hell am I talking about?

1. There was a time when I went to client place without my laptop & the backpack. Meaning, pegik client jalan melenggang tak bawak ape2, not realizing it until I get into the meeting room. Then only I realized, "wadda heck? laptop tinggal kat rumah!".

2. Today, I left my laptop charger at client's place, which is in Shah Alam! Damn FAR okeh. And tomorrow I will not be going to Shah Alam but to another client place that so NEAR to my house. 5 minutes drive sahaje. But how am I going to work without the charger? FYI, battery laptop saye sudah nak arwah, agak2 nazak, and basically I can't work without the charger. Maka dengan itu, takkan saye nak balik Shah Alam - amik charger laptop - kembali semula ke client place di Kepong itu? Mengong kah saya ini?

And this is called Jingle Bell Goes Fast As Hell. I don't know what's wrong with me. Can anyone tells me? Besides those mentioned above, there were so many things that I've forgotten before too......

P/S: Kepada sesiapa yang telah saya susahkan, sebab my short-term-memory-lost, saya mohon ampun dan maaf. Segala kesulitan amat lah dikesali.


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