Berbagi Junior

I'm a junior - a few months old junior...Part of having my things on, I also need to help my seniors. Basically, I'm the third helping hand for them (and definitely everyone is aiming for me...hihihi) But anyway, I'm enjoying doing my works - for now - for once - and for God knows what....Kurang stress mungkin, hohohoho....Good for me, I'm a multitasker on the go (Auditor cum Fotosetet Girl cum Posmen cum Tea Lady cum ape saje yang mungkin...hihihi). Orrrrrr mungkin kah sebab I need to collect my time-off hours that I'm soooo need for? (Untuk MICPA study leave on Nov)....Or mungkin kah sebab JPA nak bagik RM500 per month? (which I could see as a free RM from skies). Or mungkin kah sebab I buat dormant companies ajer? Wink

: : Berbagi Junior : : Wink


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