A letter for you

Nur Yursila Mat Rani
Ernst & Young
Level 23A, Menara Milenium
Jalan Damanlela
Pusat Bandar Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur

25 January 2007


Mohd Fakhruddin Md Noor
ETI Tech Corporation Berhad
Kulim High-Tech Park
09000 Kulim
Kedah Darul Aman

Dear Sir,

Apology for Any Inconvenience Causes

With regard to the above mentioned matter, I would like to express my sorry for not being good to you lately. I've been busy with my works and I presume that it will continue until May 2007. Many sorry for:

1. Not keeping in touch nor remembering you while doing my works.

2. Not text-ing you upfront saying that I'll be going home late and could not make up on the late nite call.

3. Not being able to meet up on the weekends.

4. Being forgotten for so many things that you remind me to do (e.g. email documents).

5. Being so emotionally unstable for quite sometimes.

I am currently moving at a very fast pace which caused my stress hiking up to the peak. I understood that you're trying very hard to keep in touch with me, yet I still go missing undetected. Should you have loss your patience towards me, I'm sorry for that but do consult your gay partner (Aznal – I know & 101% confidence that he can heals you, hihihi). Despite, all this while he has been spending most of the days with you as compared to me.

There were times when you are near but yet so far and still I couldn't help it. Thanks for being true to me the other day and I'll try my very best to fix things up. I enclose my schedule for your review and looking forward if I can arrange a time to meet with you. I am available for movie/walk/lunch/dinner at your earliest convenience and should you require any additional information, I can be contacted at the phone number listed above.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Many Sorries,

Nur Yursila Bt Mat Rani


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