My last entry sounded as "Jingle Bell Goes Fast Hell", but hey not for the last few days. Maybe I've just got my super late birthday present or my lucky star has just fallen from the skies or maybe I've just won a lottery! Hohohohoho…..Wonder why? FREE VIP Ticket for Boyz II Men Concert – A date with him (after not meeting for about a month, or maybe more) – Yee Sang family dinner (thanks Uncle!) – SPA & Facial Treatment for me!. Good ha? Well I guess for person like me, on job like me, stress like me, these are super cool treats ever been okeh. Tho the situation was like Office – Client's Place – Office – Concert – Office – Dating – Dinner – Client's Place – Office – Spa & Facial.

Yer la, can u imagine, in the midst of you stressing & bz-ing with your workloadz, tibe2 seorang cousin yang sungguh best berkata, "Kak Shila, wanna go for Boyz II Men Concert? Ada free ticket…" Heloooo?? Orang gile mana yang taknak VIP Complementary ticket kan? Ofkos la saye jawab mahu. (without thinking that I've to re-arrange my date with him…) I know that he was so pissed off with it but I am so-so-sorry…I can't afford to say no to Boyz II Men, hihihi….

Finally met him after being apart for quite a while…Well, long distance relationship macam nih la kan…Even worst because its now between Super-Wonder-Bz-Auditslave and R&D Junior Engineer…We have to set up an appointment upfront, yet still have to re-arrange because the girl wanted to go Genting so much. But anyway, the date is still on and finally made it on Sunday.

Will have my family dinner tonight and I always love my family occasions. Be it a lunch, dinner, kenduri, movie, concert, dusun, balek penang, teh tarik, rafting, anything just name it, I will always want to be in (even my colleagues noticed that I'm so bond with the cousins). Apekan daye, dah memang cousins Cik Kiah ku sangat best!

Will have my SPA and Facial treatment tomorrow. It was never in my plan to have those until I've spotted the good deal while I was looking around for a place to eat…

Owh, this wasn't part of the story but since it was a nice treat, might as well I put it in. My senior (a girl okeh) blanja me for lunch. DOME. Many thanks to her but hurmmmm, why she's the one that give me a free lunch? Shouldn't it be me to bribe the senior? Hihihihihihi….Between, the "No Free Lunch In This World" is just a crap. I've just got mine today. =D

P/S: Diri ku ini harus memuji-muji senior2 banyak sikit kat blog, sebab one of them dah tawuuu kewujudan blog nih. Semoge gwe bleh dapat JPR tujuh suku…Hihihihihi…


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