Why I like Kepala Batas?

Why I like my mom's hometown so much? (love my dad's as well, but I'm now focusing on Kepala Batas, Penang...Hihihi)

1. The House - A place that I always love to stay which has been there for many years ago. Tho it is super-giler-hot place (well, its a norm to a place near the beach), I love to be there, no traffic jams, superlicious foods, cousins, bendang and etc.

2. Superlicious Dishes from the Greatest Cook! - Always a right place for a great menus. Laksa, ketupat, roti bakar, teh tarik, mi udang, nasik lemak kecik and the list goes on....

3. Bendang - My all time favourite place to go. Calm & peaceful, everything is beyond words.

4. Cousins - Anything better than this? No need to explain on this, always the best clan for agenda-cik-kiah, always have been!

5. Being there meaning being away from works a.k.a audit. Heeee~~Sekian Harap Maklom.


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