Happy New Year!

: : Happy 2007! (erm belated one, hiiiii~~) : :

Yerrr, I know it's late by 8 days but still, Happy 2007 people! Talking about new year will always relate to resolutions - the new ones and everything that you had planned before...Some might be wondering of what we've done in 2006 and for me it was super a lot perkara-yang-telah-terjadi..! Goods & Bads - Ups & Downs...I think the worst one was a break-up with him, a 5 years relationship that broken into pieces (tapi dah glu balik! hihhihi, and continue to count the years as if nothing happen, heeee). The good ones are a lot lah kot, passed MICPA Module D, You're Hired by EY, 2 weeks in Melbourne with cousins, my giler-best-yang-amat 23rd Birthday Surprise and more (basically the good ones overweight the bad ones, so alhamdulillah...).

But....as for this year, 2007, I am not setting up much about new resolutions but two, small in number but big in value. Demanding on everything; time and Ringgit Malaysia. Starting to tune up the efforts till full blast!. Those are:

1. To pass MICPA Module F (Eventually, doesn't have to sit for E due to change of syllabus because I've passed the D). Semoge pass and get it done, once and for all.

2. N-Gage --- Its not the handphone but something more that just a relationship. Hihihihi, Insyaallah....Like "Shila ties a knot...?" tapi tak tie abes la, maybe separuh dulu, ikat mati tahun depan. Hehehehehe....

Basically both above mentioned matters will come on 2nd half of 2007. Somewhere around October & November. Wink


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