Wheeeeuuuu!! Time flies really fast, really really fast - especially when you're having fun. I had a great time last week as in enjoying every single second of my long holidays (4 days off is considered long for a person doing audit like me). I went to Penang for vacation; visited relatives, day out with Gerdix fellowship and met him, finally! Know what? I've surprised him on the Friday - making my special appearance without invitation right in front of his workplace. Many thanks to Wan Yazlini for helping me with the surprise thingy and I'm glad that mission accomplished. (Siape kate oditer tak suwit & tak reti buat seprais?) Wonder what I did over there? Well, dining has always be the main agenda besides shopping and gossiping. Batu Ferringhi, Bukit Bendera, Pulau Jerejak, Queensbay (it's cool), Georgetown and more. Syok giler!!

And I'm planning to do some shopping tomorrow. I've been spending most of Saturdays in office and yeay, I don't have to come to work tomorrow, so I'm free for my long to-do-list and to-buy-stuff.

--> and I've update my fotopages: Feel free to drop by Wink


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