Huuuu, sepahnye bilik saye

Well, it's peak period - I am super bz - and obviously I don't have much time for the house chores, owh specifically about making up my room. Hehe, describes and name it, what ever you like, but then, I'm not the kind who can stand on the messy-untidy a.k.a tongkang pecah room. But again, audit has turned me upside down, making me so able to ignore the surrounding, the room, the mess... (eh, but no rubbish, or junks, or stale foods, and etc.) It just that the things are not sitting on a right place. As in, baju2 dah pakai sepatutnya bukan atas lantai, tapi dalam laundry basket. Hehehe... (Saye bz - saye bz - saye bz). I took a day off on Monday and tadaaaa, I've cleaned up my room and it has now back as normal, everything in place. Tahniah kepada saye.




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