Birthday-Bye Sabrina-Ipoh Mali!

[1] Happy Birthday to my dear Gerdix! Mazlina Ahmad and Fairuz Ahmad. Heh? Think they're twin? Well, no it's not. Two Ahmad's girls, born on 10 February 1983 but they're not twin. Hihihihi...May Allah bless your days always....Not to be forgotten, Aznal, Happy Burfday too yer. Rocket selalu! (Bile nak ade gofren nih?).

[2] Sabrina is leaving for Perth on Monday (pursuing her studies). Anyway, that sounds good to me cousin. Well, maybe we can plan on something kan? (We as in Shila-Sabrina-Suraya meronggeng di Perth thingy...Hihihi) But errrrrr, will EY let me go on leaves for at least 10 days?? Aiyok!

[3] Help meeeeeee!!! This stupid Ipoh Mali rhymes is keep playing on my mind! and it was from the day I went to Genting for Boyz II Men Concert. Owhhh cousins, kerane anda Ipoh Mali song is stuck in my head! (Ever heard the song? Ipoh Mali, feat DJ Fuzz and Jaclynn Victor?) Ipoh Mali, Ipoh Ipoh Mali...!


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