Mourned and still mourning

Hulo people! I've been dissapeared for errr, a week? Mourned over my laptop. EY's Laptop okeh? I cut short the stories, my laptop has gone, forever! Arwah sudah. Stolen (ayat baik sikit) or snatched (ayat bodow).

To be honest I'm now getting afraid...I wonder what I did wrong that this happended to me? That's what's bothering me right now. No words, no explanations. My day was pretty tense and I've felt so out of place and out of mood and under motivated for a long time. (Basically, I can't wait for next week, for a long holidays....naaaa, 4 days wouldn't be looonnnggg after all)....

Now I just feel tired. Even more since he's so pissed. After all, not sending and SMS since I've been concentrated on work shouldn't be the end of the world. Sorry, I've tried my best to fix things up, huhuhu~~


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