Knowing me, a digicam is must thing in my handbag and I can't forgo a single moment of not capturing it. For me, every single moment will only be once. Between, I wanted to upload more pictures in here especially those moments that I had in Penang during Chinese New Year Holidays. Yet, my USB cable for transfering pictures has gone (it was in the lappy bag that got stolen). Sighhhh, I need a new USB cable or maybe a card reader instead.

Guess where my new client's place is? Of all the places in KL and Selangor, I've to go to Bukit Beruntung, Rawang! Jauh giler okeh?? Feel like going back to Penang. That super isolated place is further up from the Rawang Exit and Rawang R&R. Giler haperrr....Between, I haven't send my car for its third service and the mileage is now 12,500 KM (errr, I think it's more). More tiring journey for me everyday (kalau penat pegik Penang jumpe Kown taper jugak), but on the other hand, it's giving a good claim. Super good! Hehehehe....~~ (Mungkin 10 hari claim, bleh la dapat Coach sebijik...!)

I've been thinking about making some changes to my blog layout. Yes this blog. Aren't you feel bored of looking the same thing over the years? Hehehehehe...But wellllll, knowing me, I don't think that I have much time for that. It need some back-up works to do, in case of the new layout setting goes cacats.


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