Big Thing - Part II

Big Thing - Part II

There's something behind the title (Ring a Bell?) and between I did mention a bit about the Part I in my last entry (somewhere towards the end..heehe). Wink

Dear Mohd Fakhruddin Md Noor, have you decided where to bring my parents for lunch this Sunday? I've told Mama that we gonna have a lunch and it's on you and Mama replied this, "Heh, nak rasuah ka? Tapi takpa, nak makan okeh ja…" I don't have anything specific on my mind lah, but I think a hi-tea would do for Mama. (Wondering why is it Mama jer, Abah nyer mana?) Abah nye ikot je mak nyer yang hobi Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan sejak sekian lama...Hehehe. Between, have you gotten your scripts? or still restructuring on it? Selamat Maju Jaya kepada anda. I've done my part as in giving the hints and voicing out the plan, yet the details are with you which you need to say/explain/present/convince/apa2 jer yang patut to my parents. Hehehehehehe~~~Sekian Harap Maklom. See ya this weekend! (",)


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